Saturday, May 8, 2010

Every playlist should end with...

Legs by ZZ Top.

If that doesn't get you through the end of a workout or up a hill, I'd like to hear what will! Even if you don't like ZZ, it's got a solid beat and heavy chords that you can't ignore. The lyrics are a little sexy and powerful and make you want to work hard.

She's got legs, she knows how to use them. 

That's pretty much all I hear of that song, it does the trick. Maybe if I actually listened to the rest of the lyrics, I wouldn't like the song so please no one tell me the rest. This phrase and beat make me feel like I have powerful legs and I'm going to use them to kick some ass. My ass. Up a hill. And that song helped me climb my last hill on the treadmill today.

B sent a text at 5 AM this morning saying she couldn't do our long (10-12 mile) walk today because she had a pinched nerve and could barely walk. Turns out, she had a rib out of place!! Poor B! Thank goodness for the chiropractor who popped the rib back in place. OUCH!

I didn't get B's text message until I was heading out the door to the ferry (I was going to meet her on Bainbridge Island) and I just wasn't mentally ready to do that long effort on my own. I didn't have a route planned or anything and didn't want to stop to think about it because I was afraid I would lose momentum.

So, I hit the gym and did 12 miles on the bike (I have a triathlon coming up in late June, remember?) then 3 hard miles on the treadmill doing 3 min run:1min walk. Total time for run: 30 min. Booya!!

I think it was ZZ that made me cruise. I was pretty much sprinting during my last couple run intervals in order to get the 3 miles logged in that time.

Needless to say, between that workout today and the barefoot running yesterday, my legs are pretty tired and a bit tight.

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