Sunday, April 4, 2010

Where did that saddle go?

I need to find it and get back in...

What a time warp these last couple weeks have been. Thanks to my incredible chiropractor, I've been able to walk the last couple weeks. One good yank on my leg and *POP,* my SI joint/hips got straightened out. I think all of Bellevue heard that adjustment - it was heavenly. We're working on that lower back issue with my PT now.

In other good news, got rid of that sinus infection in record time (1 week!) with the saline rinse/acupuncture/herbal meds from my ND. I will NOT do the antibiotic route again after this recent success with alternative methods.

So last week was a wash. I got my SI joint/hips fixed and got a few miles in with my jogging routine but it was a busy week with work and I just didn't meet my plan goals. It's taking some adjustment getting into this new job and finding a good routine to get to/from work, and find time for the gym. Basically, I need to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier. Not so easy though because there's always so much to get done at the Marriage Ref to watch. (I know, bad bad bad.)

So to recap:
Last week: 3 miles total (training plan said 18 miles)
Previous week: 7 miles total (training plan said 16 - this was the messed-up-back-can't-stand-up-week)

I WAS doing some walking and my PT exercises but it just wasn't very rigorous and didn't count as true workouts.

It's Sunday, so this is the time for renewed commitments for the week. On deck this week is 18 miles of walking/jogging + PT exercises. Hopefully B and I can get together this coming weekend to do a long one. That NODM half marathon walk is going to get here before we know it!!

I hope everyone out there is doing well. I've been missing all the running-blogging ladies out there.

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  1. I was wondering how you were doing... glad to hear your chiropractor got you straightened out. Good luck with figuring out your new schedule. I find getting up earlier just a nightmare, probably because I never add in getting to bed earlier! It is awesome to get your exercise done first thing though, I have to admit.