Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To Emeryville, CA & back

I totally messed up this morning!

I flew to Company C's west coast HQ in Emeryville, CA yesterday to meet with new co-workers. It was a great day that culminated in a tasty though buttery meal at Oliveto in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland. Loved their fresh salad with Meyer lemon and seared beef with arugula & parm appies. My entree & side were "ok" but I had NO complaints about the lemon tart meringata with strawberry Framboise sauce dessert.

Before bed, I mapped out a nice running route (3 mi) from the hotel to a marina/pier that extended a ways out into the Bay so I could have a nice view.

The alarm went off at 6 AM. Got dressed. Looked outside my window - DARK. It occurred to me that I was totally unfamiliar with my surroundings and may/may not be in a good place to take off for a run in the dark, alone. How isolated was this pier? Well, I thought to lay down for just 15 minutes and wait for the sun to come up before setting out.

In hindsight, I should have just went downstairs and talked to the hotel staff until the sun came up. Instead, you can guess, I went out like a light.

At 7 AM, my back-up alarm went off (yes, I always set two when traveling) and I had totally missed my chance for a run. I had to meet my co-worker at 7:30 to head to breakfast then the office so no time to lose. Damn!

It was a shame to be in the Bay Area and not get to explore. From our office we could see the GG Bridge and I thought longingly of the city and how I want to get down there for the NIKE Women's Half Marathon one of these years.


I'm back home now with my little peanut and Mr. F so will have to get some miles in tomorrow around the hood to make up for lost time while traveling. I'm feeling good after an 8.8 mile walk (w/ some jogging) with NODM training partner, B, this past Sunday. We did a great loop that started/finished at Green Lake and went through Ravenna Park, UW, Montlake cut, and Portage Bay.


  1. Wow, an 8.8 mile walk, good for you! Sounds like training is on track other than the missed run. I knew right where that was going as soon as I read "I thought to lay down for just fifteen minutes..." I probably would have been out in about 30 seconds!!

  2. Well you were sort of in my neck of the woods. I'm east of where you were but close enough. You were wise to not run in the dark. I don't know that area but I'm a fraidy cat.

    Great job on the 8.8 mile walk. That's a long ways.