Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mt. Si Relay team reunion

The weather this morning was perfect for a run. We had a good rain yesterday & night so the air was fresh, the lilacs are blooming and smelling sweet, and the birds were raucous. I sneaked out and did a shortened version of the Golf Course Loop. Without the baby jogger, I felt so free and much speedier. This makes three runs this week which is a HUGE accomplishment for me!

This is the second year that we (CC, NT, KH, KB) didn't do the Mt. Si Relay after a couple years of participating. So instead, these last two years we've done the next best thing - - get together and eat pastries!

The relay has a great 59-mile course that runs through scenic forested trails in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Teams have five members and each member runs two legs. I don't remember our first team name but our 2008 team was "30's Are the New 20's" and we were battling it out with another all-female team we affectionately referred to as "the Cougars." As nice as this event is, we're thinking that next year we'll move on to another relay...maybe the Ragnar Relay in Bellingham?

Our second annual team reunion took place this morning at the Essential Baking Company. Our excuse for not running last year was that two of us were pregnant and this year, again, we have a pregnant team member and two pregnancy recover-ees. We were missing one person but those of us who could make it put the hurts on those pastries (note pile of empty plates)...
I have only told three people about this blog: Mr. F, B (NODM partner), and Mr. V. This morning I confessed to my ladies because I didn't want to post this pic without their permission. As expected, I received a fair amount of razzing.

The day continued to get better after pastry-time and our temps were pushing 70! Later this afternoon, B took the ferry over (she's going to hear Nora Jones tonight) and we were able to get a 5-mile HILLY walk in. My glutes will be feeling it tomorrow.

I feel good about getting two workouts in today but hope I don't regret it tomorrow when I try to roll out of bed!

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