Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gone "long"

I went "long" today!! All by myself! And I FORGOT MY IPOD! But really, it turned out to be just fine :) I missed my partner, B, but we'll try to work something out next weekend. She's thinking about that triathlon we have coming up at the end of June. I know I need to get ready for that too but still just focusing on this half marathon walk. I can't believe NODM is only a little over a month away! Eeeps! Good news on that front - another girlfriend signed up to walk with us, Little Bird.
Back to the long walk - 
I planned out a great route here around the hood last night that included a long stretch along Lake Washington, lucked out with beautiful weather this morning, and enjoyed a 9.5-mile walk in 2:11:51. I think I jogged about 1.5 miles of that (just under 14 minute miles).

My walk started out on the Chief Sealth trail. A nice urban trail with views of Mt. Rainier, which you can't see in this photo but she's really there! Nice rolling hills...

The ornamental cherry trees have been in full bloom and now the petals are falling off the trees, covering the sidewalks in delicate pink. Lots of runners, bikers, and walkers out today along the lake, but I found a quiet spot... 

The mother of a hill that I climbed from mile 8 - 9 doesn't show up in the profile, above, but you get the idea by seeing the DOWN hill I had at the beginning, which I had to go back UP to get home. The iPod would have been really helpful for that hill to keep my rhythm going.

Sweet Mr. F made me a smoked salmon omelet when I got back. It disappeared before I could even think about taking a picture of it's loveliness.

After the pastry/relay reunion last Sunday, I realized that I shouldn't be trying to workout 5 days/week. Right now, it's just not practical for me. I need to make smaller, more realistic goals. Getting a workout in on my work days is just too much of a thrash. So, last Sunday I gave myself permission to let those days go and just focus on my days off. Duh. Makes sense, right? Funny how relaxed I was after that decision. If there are times when I can squeeze something in, like a yoga DVD after I put Baby F down, then that will just be an extra treat for the week.

It turned out to be a good week with less pressure on myself and less guilt (I wasn't beating myself up about not meeting my goals): I ran my 3.3 mile Golf Course Loop on Wednesday (day off) and Friday (day off). Saturday was a tired day so I just did a short 2 mile, slow walk with Baby F. Not ideal, but OK.

BONUS: Thursday, I got to do YOGA for the first time in months. A benefit of Company C is that one of our staff is also a yoga instructor and gives a free class during lunch on Fridays. Well, as of this last week, she changed her class to Thursdays - a day I work! This will be a great addition to my work-week and much needed for my mental well-being.

On deck this week, more running on Wednesday & Friday days off. I need to expand my Golf Course Loop to get up to 4 miles. Hopefully Baby F will tolerate the extra time in the jogger. I've felt lucky that he's been content for my 45 min loop. We'll see how that goes this week. As for the weekend, my "long" walk will be a 6-miler recovery walk.

Have a good week!


  1. Yoga at work? What a great perk!! Good job on the 9 miles, that seems really speedy to me for a walking time.

  2. Nice job. Looks like you have worked out the kinks in your workout schedule. It's nice to have a plan so that 1) you know what to expect and 2) you don't have to stress about when you will do it.

    You're lucky that you can do yoga at work. Nice perk you got there.

    Have a great week!