Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Amazing Seattle run day!

It is gorgeous in Seattle today - and it's my day off!

My phone says 52 degrees right now but I swear it's warmer. I just got back from a great walk-jog around my "golf course loop" which is about 3.3 miles. 39:40, average HR = 152 which is 72% of my max.

Baby F was loving the sunny weather and spring flowers, too, singing to the trees as we went through the greenbelt.

We stopped to check on the progress of a park being remodeled near our home. Check out the progress:

These are going to be new tennis courts with a great kid's play structure in the background. The new park is supposed to include trails and they originally had a new track planned (to cover a reservoir) but somewhere along the planning that got turned into (grass?) soccer fields :( I don't know why they couldn't have both track AND fields. The Olympic Mountains are in the distance but my camera phone doesn't pick them up.

To make the run even better, I got a tough-girl injury while unfolding the baby jogger. Stings...

And just because it's been eons since I posted pictures, here is a camera snapshot of the Olympic Mountains (they're bigger in real life, I swear) from Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park. Collected this while doing a walk during the work day last week. It simultaneously rained, snowed, and 'sunshined' on us that day.

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  1. Ouchie!

    Gorgeous pics. I woild love to run in a place like that.