Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump day success

It wasn't ideal for sweet baby F to fall asleep while doing my 3 mi walk/jog today because it has thrown off his napping schedule a bit, but as least he was comfortable and didn't complain! The walk/jog felt great. At one point I had a strong urge to sprint as fast I could, pumping my arms hard and getting up on my toes. What with the jog stroller and sorry shape of my cardiovascular system it just didn't happen but I think the next chance I get to run sin bebe, I will see what these old legs can do.

It's been chilly here lately, with some snow falling in the foothills. It seemed a bit odd to be all bundled up at a time when we have the daffodils, hyacinth, forcythia, ornamental fruit trees, evergreen clematis (smells SO GOOD right now!) and even magnolias blooming. I just hope this cold snap doesn't hurt the tulip festivities.

On another note, I finished The Shadow of the Wind by Zafon. It was very well-written and a nice change from all the baby books I have been reading. But, I felt that after chasing around Barcelona for so long after different leads, it was odd for the whole mystery to suddenly be solved all at once in one long letter from Nuria. ?? Will have to think of what is next on the book list - my book stack is perilously high (long neglected).


  1. Aww, such a sweet picture.

  2. I remember those days -- when you did not want the kiddo to fall asleep in the stroller! That was the worst. I think I did a blog post about it when I first started writing about running. That picture is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to spring and hopefully we can run together some time!