Sunday, March 14, 2010

First long walk

NODM training partner, B, and I were expecting RAIN on Saturday for our long walk. Instead, we got beautiful blue skies with a refreshing cool breeze. See, look...

The training plan mandated 6 miles, so I used USA Track & Field's mapping link to map a route (note cool route & elevation map below, with good hill climb at mile 2).

I picked B up from the 8:30am Winslow ferry and off we went to Alki Beach in West Seattle. We decided not to carry water or gels since we expected to be out just 1.5 hrs, our threshold for fuel/water requirements. We set out at a good clip from the Alki Bakery, proud of ourselves for doing our first long walk together.

It was so nice to see each other and have so much time to visit. You should know, visiting is one of my fortes. I hardly noticed the time pass as we rounded a point and left the waterfront to head up California Ave for our big hill climb. From California Ave, we were supposed to turn down Ferry, which would take us back to California then back down to the water.

Turn? What turn? I was so busy talking that I missed our turn.

So, we went a little out of our way :) Instead of a 6-miler, we ended up going 7.6 miles! More time for visiting, right?! The last couple miles were tough, I was definitely starting to drag. It helped to relieve our tired walking muscles by jogging a bit. Ahhhhh!

With a couple short jogging stints mixed in, we completed our revised course in 1:47:21, averaging 14:13 miles.

Not having planned to be out so long, we were parched and very hungry when we got back to our starting point, the Alki Bakery (pretty smart, huh?). We shared a savory & sweet treat while we rested, then had to call it a day.

Today, my legs are still tired. But, it's a good tired. Next week, I'll be packing my water belt and fuel for our 8-miler so I can *hopefully* keep my energy up all the way to the finish.

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