Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to NODM week 1, square 1

Last week started out well with walking two 3-mile workouts but then I just fizzled for the 4-mile and 6-mile workouts. Damn. I was just so tired what with all the activity going on with work and family.

Over the weekend, I went to Pullman (Washington State University) for a banquet which meant lots of driving (6 hrs each way), eating out, and no exercise. My butt still feels like a flat car seat. It made me feel so blah. Cougar sighting on the way to Pullman...

I will be starting out again this week with a re-do of my first week of NODM training. I got 3.5 miles in today (included 5 min of barefoot running, 16 min walk-jog). It felt good! My calves are tight from the barefoot running portion (will they ever get used to it?) but otherwise, I didn't have any pain while running!

The 3-mile and 4-mile training walks need to happen sometime Tuesday through Friday. Saturday morning, my NODM walking partner, B, is coming over from "the Peninsula" to walk the 6-miler: Lake Washington from Seward Park or Alki waterfront? Both beautiful, I will definitely take pictures to post. The walk date will be a good commitment for both of us!

Wish me luck this week!

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