Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another hump day success

Early morning PT appointment today went well. 5 min of barefoot running - I'm finally to the point where I don't get sore afterwords. Still getting the green light on the walk-jog combo and I now get to increase to a 20 min routine. Woohoo!

I have a lot of work to do since it's my last week at Company B, so I ended up taking baby F to daycare today to get some stuff done (Wednesdays are usually a day off). That meant I could get to the gym, too. I'm mostly over my cold so it seemed like a good bet.

NODM training partner, B, made sure I got my walk in today. She sent this in an email at 10:00 AM:

Sun - Rest
Mon – 3.6 mile walk, ½ hour arm weights
Tues – ½ hour leg weights
Today – 4 miles (gonna shoot for alternating 1 mile jog/1 mile walk)
Thurs – ½ hour legs, 3 mile walk
Fri – ½ hour arms
Saturday – 8 miles!!!!

You see that B?! Your plan is online now! Two more days on your own then we'll see each other to do 8 mi on Saturday. Plus, I'm hoping we can do 3 mi on Sunday.

After responding to several crisis emails in record time and fielding a crisis phone call from a relative, I made it to the gym at 4:25 (instead of 4 pm). That left me with...not much time to get 4 miles in before picking up baby F at 5:30. So, I cheated.

Instead of doing a walk-jog for 20 min then walking the rest of the time, I walk-jogged the whole time.


It felt fine and in fact, I think I needed it. Work has been so hectic with trying to wrap up projects before my last day on Monday (2 working days left!). Plus, folks from my new job called a couple times today to talk about projects coming up on the horizon, ask me about an interior vs exterior (window) office (window, of course), dates for a photo shoot for the company website, and possible travel dates to meet people in other offices and for project work. Fun, but very distracting.

Am I a dork for being excited about a smelting & mining conference organized by the CDC in Anaconda, MT in May?! I really hope I get to go!!!

Ok, so I made it to the Y and ran ran ran on that treadmill. 3.3 miles in 37 min. Not quite 4 but still good. I ran in 5 min increments with 3 min walks in between. Oh those 5 min stints burned as I pushed the pace up to 9:03 min miles! I didn't maintain that pace the whole time but pushed as long as I could then settled back down to a tough 10 min pace. My average HR was at 83% of my max heart rate.

Like I said, it burned! AND, it made me feel like I just might become a runner again!

Now back at the ranch, baby F is in bed and I'm enjoying a St. Patty's Day Guinness (half-glass). Mmmm!

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  1. Great job! That's a pretty darn good time, too!