Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adverse effects of weaning

I have a fancy banquet to go to this weekend at Washington State University, which means I need a dress. I'm still a size or one-and-a-half sizes too big to fit into any dresses in my closet so I sneaked out for a while today and hit Macy's.

The good part is that I actually found three dresses on clearance!! WOW!

The bad part is that I got a real good look at myself in those 3-way mirrors. I can definitely see where I'm carrying that extra weight: muffin top, big bum, thunderous thighs...and chicken wing arms. What was lame is where I'm not carrying it anymore...since weaning. So, I'm even smaller than before baby F and completely out of proportion. How is that just? Shouldn't we get a little bonus for sacrificing our bodies like this? @#(*$@&!

So the dresses don't fit quite the way I want but hopefully I can bring the rest of me into proportion with my little girls before summer. Motivation to get that 4 mile walk in tomorrow!

7 AM PT appointment this morning was positive - I get to keep up the barefoot running and walk-jogging as long as there is no pain.

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