Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evil spinal demons be gone

I haven't done anything all week :(

My ND has my sinus infection on the run but now my back is all wonky. I was feeling great after some acupuncture Monday (sinus) then woke up Tuesday morning practically immobile. I have had a hard time moving at all, it's excruciating. I feel like an old lady, all bent over every time I try to go from sit to stand. What the heck did I do? Or maybe it is my lack of doing that is the problem.

And to make things better, I'm pretty sure I've put weight on so the few work clothes that fit me post-pregnancy really aren't fitting so great. And to make things better, I'm pretty sure I've put weight on so the few work clothes that fit me post-pregnancy really aren't fitting so great. This is so frustrating!

Tomorrow, I am going to get out & do a walk and maybe combine some jogging and see how it goes. I MUST try.


Evil spinal demons be gone!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend recap

A great weekend spent with friends at a cabin in Leavenworth, WA. It would have been nice to stay another night but you know, we have to get back to work, yadda yadda...

B & I got a short walk in Friday afternoon after arriving at the cabin. Saturday, we completed our 8-mile walk. Pretty uneventful - no crazy dogs, nice weather, no wildlife sightings. This time, no jogging. B's leg is bothering her from a ski crash a few weeks ago and we also had a friend with us who is pregnant and wasn't into mixing any jogging into the walk. The pace was slower than last week, taking us 2.5 hrs for the 8 miles.

Hopefully this week I can get this sinus infection fixed - should I see my ND or MD? Either way, this is what's on the agenda for this week:

3 mi walk
3 mi walk
4 mi walk
6 mi walk
1 day of cross train (bike)
3 days of jog:walk (20 min total)
1 PT appointment
lots of PT exercises

Looking forward to getting caught up on the blogging ladies I follow...Can't wait to see how Kerrie did in the MI Half!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another hump day success

Early morning PT appointment today went well. 5 min of barefoot running - I'm finally to the point where I don't get sore afterwords. Still getting the green light on the walk-jog combo and I now get to increase to a 20 min routine. Woohoo!

I have a lot of work to do since it's my last week at Company B, so I ended up taking baby F to daycare today to get some stuff done (Wednesdays are usually a day off). That meant I could get to the gym, too. I'm mostly over my cold so it seemed like a good bet.

NODM training partner, B, made sure I got my walk in today. She sent this in an email at 10:00 AM:

Sun - Rest
Mon – 3.6 mile walk, ½ hour arm weights
Tues – ½ hour leg weights
Today – 4 miles (gonna shoot for alternating 1 mile jog/1 mile walk)
Thurs – ½ hour legs, 3 mile walk
Fri – ½ hour arms
Saturday – 8 miles!!!!

You see that B?! Your plan is online now! Two more days on your own then we'll see each other to do 8 mi on Saturday. Plus, I'm hoping we can do 3 mi on Sunday.

After responding to several crisis emails in record time and fielding a crisis phone call from a relative, I made it to the gym at 4:25 (instead of 4 pm). That left me with...not much time to get 4 miles in before picking up baby F at 5:30. So, I cheated.

Instead of doing a walk-jog for 20 min then walking the rest of the time, I walk-jogged the whole time.


It felt fine and in fact, I think I needed it. Work has been so hectic with trying to wrap up projects before my last day on Monday (2 working days left!). Plus, folks from my new job called a couple times today to talk about projects coming up on the horizon, ask me about an interior vs exterior (window) office (window, of course), dates for a photo shoot for the company website, and possible travel dates to meet people in other offices and for project work. Fun, but very distracting.

Am I a dork for being excited about a smelting & mining conference organized by the CDC in Anaconda, MT in May?! I really hope I get to go!!!

Ok, so I made it to the Y and ran ran ran on that treadmill. 3.3 miles in 37 min. Not quite 4 but still good. I ran in 5 min increments with 3 min walks in between. Oh those 5 min stints burned as I pushed the pace up to 9:03 min miles! I didn't maintain that pace the whole time but pushed as long as I could then settled back down to a tough 10 min pace. My average HR was at 83% of my max heart rate.

Like I said, it burned! AND, it made me feel like I just might become a runner again!

Now back at the ranch, baby F is in bed and I'm enjoying a St. Patty's Day Guinness (half-glass). Mmmm!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Training plan for this week says:
  • 3 mi walk
  • 3 mi walk
  • 4 mi walk
  • Cross train
  • 8 mi walk
I didn't do anything today - - I have a COLD :( Itchy eyes, runny nose, NO energy.
Hopefully I can kick it early enough this week that I can still squeeze in my workouts before Sunday. B & I have plans to do our 8-miler on Saturday but I need to get those other walks & jog-walks in too.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

First long walk

NODM training partner, B, and I were expecting RAIN on Saturday for our long walk. Instead, we got beautiful blue skies with a refreshing cool breeze. See, look...

The training plan mandated 6 miles, so I used USA Track & Field's mapping link to map a route (note cool route & elevation map below, with good hill climb at mile 2).

I picked B up from the 8:30am Winslow ferry and off we went to Alki Beach in West Seattle. We decided not to carry water or gels since we expected to be out just 1.5 hrs, our threshold for fuel/water requirements. We set out at a good clip from the Alki Bakery, proud of ourselves for doing our first long walk together.

It was so nice to see each other and have so much time to visit. You should know, visiting is one of my fortes. I hardly noticed the time pass as we rounded a point and left the waterfront to head up California Ave for our big hill climb. From California Ave, we were supposed to turn down Ferry, which would take us back to California then back down to the water.

Turn? What turn? I was so busy talking that I missed our turn.

So, we went a little out of our way :) Instead of a 6-miler, we ended up going 7.6 miles! More time for visiting, right?! The last couple miles were tough, I was definitely starting to drag. It helped to relieve our tired walking muscles by jogging a bit. Ahhhhh!

With a couple short jogging stints mixed in, we completed our revised course in 1:47:21, averaging 14:13 miles.

Not having planned to be out so long, we were parched and very hungry when we got back to our starting point, the Alki Bakery (pretty smart, huh?). We shared a savory & sweet treat while we rested, then had to call it a day.

Today, my legs are still tired. But, it's a good tired. Next week, I'll be packing my water belt and fuel for our 8-miler so I can *hopefully* keep my energy up all the way to the finish.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Walking Wonderwoman

Right before I headed off to the Y to get my 4-mile walk in today, my NODM training partner, B, emailed to say she did three 11-min miles on the treadmill last night. I almost fell out of my chair.


I have been walking 14:40 minute miles. How could she do that?

It was good inspiration because when I jumped on the treadmill, I warmed up and did my 5 min of barefoot running followed by 16 min of jog-walk allowed by my PT. Then, I cranked up the speed for the rest of my 4-mile walk, trying to get as close to 11 min miles as possible. I discovered that with only a minor incline, I could pull off 12:40 min miles. I even did 12:30 pace for a quarter mile, zero incline, before breaking into a jog. I finished the 4 miles in 48:33. Not bad!

However, even with 2.5 months to train, I decided I was just going to have to jog next to her for NODM to keep up. 11 minute miles??? She's truly a Walking Wonderwoman.

On my way home, I called B to tell her I dropped my pace by 2 whole minutes and that I'm in total awe of her walking skills.

Silence followed by big laugh.

She had jogged three 11-minute miles! What a relief! The upshot is that it got me to really kick it up several notches and break a real sweat during my workout today.

I'm already feeling the effort in the twinges & twangs running through my legs. I think this pre-St. Patty's Guiness I just poured may help with the tightness?

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump day success

It wasn't ideal for sweet baby F to fall asleep while doing my 3 mi walk/jog today because it has thrown off his napping schedule a bit, but as least he was comfortable and didn't complain! The walk/jog felt great. At one point I had a strong urge to sprint as fast I could, pumping my arms hard and getting up on my toes. What with the jog stroller and sorry shape of my cardiovascular system it just didn't happen but I think the next chance I get to run sin bebe, I will see what these old legs can do.

It's been chilly here lately, with some snow falling in the foothills. It seemed a bit odd to be all bundled up at a time when we have the daffodils, hyacinth, forcythia, ornamental fruit trees, evergreen clematis (smells SO GOOD right now!) and even magnolias blooming. I just hope this cold snap doesn't hurt the tulip festivities.

On another note, I finished The Shadow of the Wind by Zafon. It was very well-written and a nice change from all the baby books I have been reading. But, I felt that after chasing around Barcelona for so long after different leads, it was odd for the whole mystery to suddenly be solved all at once in one long letter from Nuria. ?? Will have to think of what is next on the book list - my book stack is perilously high (long neglected).

Monday, March 8, 2010

Back to NODM week 1, square 1

Last week started out well with walking two 3-mile workouts but then I just fizzled for the 4-mile and 6-mile workouts. Damn. I was just so tired what with all the activity going on with work and family.

Over the weekend, I went to Pullman (Washington State University) for a banquet which meant lots of driving (6 hrs each way), eating out, and no exercise. My butt still feels like a flat car seat. It made me feel so blah. Cougar sighting on the way to Pullman...

I will be starting out again this week with a re-do of my first week of NODM training. I got 3.5 miles in today (included 5 min of barefoot running, 16 min walk-jog). It felt good! My calves are tight from the barefoot running portion (will they ever get used to it?) but otherwise, I didn't have any pain while running!

The 3-mile and 4-mile training walks need to happen sometime Tuesday through Friday. Saturday morning, my NODM walking partner, B, is coming over from "the Peninsula" to walk the 6-miler: Lake Washington from Seward Park or Alki waterfront? Both beautiful, I will definitely take pictures to post. The walk date will be a good commitment for both of us!

Wish me luck this week!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

An offer!

Well, I got a job offer from Company C today! I like it, I will take it. I am sad sad sad though to say good bye to my current co-workers...I really do like them so much. I can just hope that Company C will be more stable, as stable as stable can be in this economy anyway.

I only got a short, slow-ish 2 mi walk in today. It was another sunny day in Seattle, so felt good to get outside. I was supposed to go 4 mi today :(

Tomorrow, 6 mi is on the list. I also can do my walk-jog routine (16 min) so am looking forward to that. I just need to figure out how to fit it in since I don't have child care. 6 mi is a long time to have poor baby F in the jogger but we can try...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Adverse effects of weaning

I have a fancy banquet to go to this weekend at Washington State University, which means I need a dress. I'm still a size or one-and-a-half sizes too big to fit into any dresses in my closet so I sneaked out for a while today and hit Macy's.

The good part is that I actually found three dresses on clearance!! WOW!

The bad part is that I got a real good look at myself in those 3-way mirrors. I can definitely see where I'm carrying that extra weight: muffin top, big bum, thunderous thighs...and chicken wing arms. What was lame is where I'm not carrying it anymore...since weaning. So, I'm even smaller than before baby F and completely out of proportion. How is that just? Shouldn't we get a little bonus for sacrificing our bodies like this? @#(*$@&!

So the dresses don't fit quite the way I want but hopefully I can bring the rest of me into proportion with my little girls before summer. Motivation to get that 4 mile walk in tomorrow!

7 AM PT appointment this morning was positive - I get to keep up the barefoot running and walk-jogging as long as there is no pain.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Training with Zafon

Baby F woke me up at 6:20 this morning. After a diaper change and bottle, I put him back down, got dressed, grabbed my iPod and went out for my second day of NODM training. Today was a walk-only day so I headed out on what I call the "Golf Course Loop." I could definitely feel my sore calves from yesterday's barefoot running.

I'm still not used to hearing the birds singing in the morning and the sweet smell of all the trees and flowers blooming. It's only March 1 after all! I can't believe it's spring already - must be the El Nino.

While walking I switched over to an audiobook, The Shadow of the Wind, and decided that maybe I was too harsh in my judgment of it in yesterday's post. The story was making me laugh out loud, which is always a good thing. I do like Zafon's clever quips. I still think the two books are a bit formulaic but I need to get over myself - it doesn't mean I can't enjoy them.

Listening to the book made the walk go by too fast. Before I knew it, I was back home from the 3.3 mile route in 47:26. Not bad!

Baby F is still sleeping - poor little guy is fighting a cold. Hope to get some work done from home before heading in to the office...

Monday, March 1, 2010

NODM Training Week 1

Accomplished = Day 1 of NODM training: 3 mi walk!

Left work a little early, jumped on the treadmill and did my 5 min of barefoot running, 16 min of jog:walk (3:1 min), then walked the rest of the time to get my 3 miles in. Calves are already starting to get sore from that barefoot running. Ouch!

Next goal: Get up early tomorrow and get another 3 mile walk in before work. Hopefully that will get my blood going & work out some of that soreness.

In other news...

Reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I just finished The Angel's Game and really enjoyed it but now that I'm reading Shadow, I'm thinking less of both. Kinda reminds me of Davinci Code/Angels and Demons. Zafon has his winning formula and he's sticking to it. So far, both books are too similar. A bit disappointing though I would still recommend reading one or the other because they're still highly entertaining and very mysterious.