Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waiting for swift kick in the caboose (The Beginning)

I just spent an hour searching for a blog written by someone like me, to give me inspiration.

Desired characteristics:
  • Female
  • Loves to run (not fast, but not slow either)
  • 30-something
  • Works outside the home
  • New mom
  • Tired

I'm sure there is someone out there but I didn't find it. All the blogs I found are by uber-fit personal trainers, ultra runners, and other over-achievers that I really can't relate to. Where is that average runner/new mom seeking to stay healthy, find a work-life balance, and maintain a sense of self?

It looks like I need to make my own inspiration.

I had a baby in May 2009 and haven't run since August 19, 2008. Needless to say, I'm completely out of shape. Prior to August 19, 2008, I ran about 15 - 35 miles/week and right now, I'm really missing my runs.

How do I get going again? Life is so busy right now that I don't know where to find the time, but I'm going to go crazy if I don't make the time. Plus, I really don't think things are going to slow down so I better just figure it out.

But first, a quick backgrounder...

During the summer of 2008, I was training for the Victoria Marathon (my first) with my friend Katie. Training was going great. On August 18, I was traveling for work in Port Angeles, WA and went for an early morning run on the Olympic Discovery Trail. I was supposed to be doing a tempo run but my legs were TIGHT. I just couldn't loosen up. After about 2 miles of trying to push myself into a tempo speed, I heard and/or felt a *pop*! I couldn't walk. I ended up hopping on one foot back to the Red Lion Hotel. Upon return to Seattle, it was confirmed by my doc that I had torn my calf muscle.

I was motivated to heal and followed all the physical therapy instructions I was given. Within a few weeks, I was on the elliptical and feeling like things would be ok. Then something else happened...I found out I was pregnant. While this was not unwanted, it was not what I had in my action item list for September 2009. My husband and I had talked about trying to get pregnant AFTER the marathon.

Well, for those of you who have been pregnant, you might have a sense of how flipping tired you can get. I fell into a depression, quit my PT, struggled to get through my work days without falling asleep...and before I knew it I was so far into my pregnancy and so far out of shape that running wasn't even an option. Also, for those first 6 months of pregnancy, I was traveling every 2 weeks for work. Between work, shock of pregnancy, planning for the baby, being depressed...and everything else...the only exercise I ended up doing was prenatal yoga and some walking. If only eating chocolate counted as exercise!

Somehow, I've managed to lose 35 lbs but I have more to go. Here I am with an [adorable] 8-month old baby boy who still doesn't sleep through the night, 10-15 extra lbs to lose, and none of my former muscle tone or cardiovascular fitness.

With spring and summer races coming up, it's time to get moving. But why is it so hard to get started when I miss running so much? Maybe an action plan will help?

  1. Make appointment to see a PT to complete rehab on calf
  2. Develop cross-training plan to transition to running
  3. Set race goals with friends
  4. Find support from other new moms who have gotten back into a routine

Tomorrow, I start the plan...

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