Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Alright - Skipping to item #3 of my action plan!

Beena came over early before the party today and we set some goals to get us moving. We agreed that we were both going to register for:
North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon on June 6 to walk together,
and the Lake Padden Triathlon in Bellingham, WA on June 26. I did this one in 2008 with some girl friends and had a blast. A stop at Boundary Bay Brewery after the race is the perfect ending. Hopefully this year there will be at least 5 of us going up together.

So, plunking down some dough better help us get motivated. Also, we have a weekend get-away planned to Leavenworth, WA in late March with the gang. For that weekend, we both are expected to be ready to do a long training walk together (8 - 9 miles), which means THIS WEEK MUST BE WEEK 1 of training.

Not sure what other events will be scheduled for the summer - just need to make it through these first two events - BUT I am liking the idea of the new Women's Half Marathon in Eugene, OR on September 5th. It could be a nice get-away weekend. I ran across the ad in the Race Center mag. The following words caught my eye:


which made me look a little closer, and then I saw:

woman's half marathon

Ah-ha! This speaks to me!

The last half marathon I ran was the Mercer Island Half in March 2008. It was a great race and I just can't wait to get back to running long again.

So while I'm stripping diapers tonight, I need to pack that gym bag for tomorrow. I've lugged it to work with stroller & baby gear a couple times but managed to come up with excuses not to go to the gym. Tomorrow - NO excuses. I gotta be ready to walk long with Beena on March 20th!

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