Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seattle's February Spring-time

Thanks to Lisa runs?, In a Field of Daffodils, and Mom vs Marathon for inspiration!

Friday I "ran" for the first time since August 2008! As instructed by my PT, I jogged for 2 minutes, walked for 1 minute for a total of 10 minutes. I am allowed to "run" every other day. I listened to my foot strike (trying to avoid the big slap), concentrated on lifting my feet up higher off the ground, and tried to relax more. After that, baby F and I went for a great walk along Alki Beach with friend K.H. and baby S. The views of the Sound and Olympic Mountains were incredible - forgot my camera.

Later on Friday, I interviewed for a new job. Sort-of. I seem to be boomerang girl with my jobs. After grad school, I got a job at Company A for several years then left because I didn't have a mentor and felt that I wasn't learning as much as I should be. So I went to Company B, a start-up, where I had not only an incredible mentor, I had a team of toxicologists to work with. We had challenging work and I had a great time but missed working for a larger firm where I could do a variety of work. I then went back to Company A where I've been the last two years. Things have been going really good there - working on a variety of things from a dioxin fingerprinting study in a town that had a pulp & paper mill to an arsenic biomonitoring study in Cali. Well, the economy has taken its toll on Company A and they put me "on-call" in December. Panic. Coincidentally, my wonderful mentor from Company B was in the process of switching to a different firm (larger) and she was looking to build a team at her new digs. Enter moi! So it looks like I will likely be moving to Company C with mentor and former supervisor from Company B. Hopefully this new union will be the best of A + B = a great mentor & larger company with wider range of service areas. BIG DAY!

Yesterday...I don't actually remember yesterday. You ever have those days?

Today was another beautiful day and so baby F and I went to Seattle's Olympic Sculpture Park for my walk-jog routine. It was our FIRST ever "run" together in the Kelty baby jogger that I purchased on Craig's List. I threw the jogger in the car & headed down to the waterfront only to find that the tires were flat. OOPS! Fortunately, good Samaritan bicyclist loading his car had a pump that I borrowed so we wouldn't have to bail on our outing. Baby F did pretty good for about a half hour then got overheated and/or bored and/or tired. It was a good start.

Check out these amazing views of Mt. Rainier, Port of Seattle, downtown Seattle...

Papa F snapped a picture of baby F and I - Calder and Olympic Mountains in the distance.

I took Lisa's advice and got my e-running log dusted off and plan entered. Need to stick to it!


  1. The new job sounds like it could work out really well, good luck. I'm jealous of all your beautiful pics... it makes me miss living on the west coast even more than usual.

  2. Congrats on the run. Wow, it's been a long time for you hasn't it? Exciting stuff to be able to run again, even if it's only for a little bit. You'll get there.

    Congrats on the possible new job. I always think things happen for a reason and maybe all that suff with Company A & B was just meant to be. Good luck with that.

    Yay for using a running log. I have a Garmin and use Sport Tracks software (free) as my log. I love it because I can keep track of shoe mileage as well, plus a bunch of other stuff too.

    I love looking at all the pages of my workout log and seeing all the pages filled with entries. Makes me feel good and movivates me to keep on going.