Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Action Plan - Activate!

Form of...a walk jogger!

My stars must have been aligned yesterday, because I actually got out of the office with just enough time to go to the Y. For the first time since Fall 2008, I did an official workout - 2 miles / 23 minutes on the elliptical trainer, hill setting. It's not a lot but I'll take it! I could definitely feel the torn area of my calf again but it wasn't bad at all. Even got a shower in before going to pick up baby F at day care. Nice!

It felt so good to finally make it to the gym, after several weeks of having good intentions of going but not making it. Maybe I can pull this off again before the end of the week?!

This morning I made more progress, going to my first physical therapy appointment. My PT was excited about the fact that I am so out of shape ("Starting from scratch" is how he referred to it) even though I have a long running history. He said this is an excellent opportunity to unlearn bad habits and rebuild good technique. I just see a big mountain in front of me but I like his perspective. Something very interesting he said he wants me to build up to:

barefoot running.

I almost rolled my eyes...all the hype lately about barefoot running...really?

Well, as he explained it, our thick, cushioned, motion-control shoes have made us lazy foot-strikers. So, he suggested running barefoot ~ 10 min every week or two to check in with our foot-strike. He thinks it can be an excellent diagnostic tool to teach ourselves about how our feet move and use that information to self-correct when we're training in our runners. He definitely has my interest piqued and I'm certainly willing to give it a try, especially if it will help me with the chronic IT-band and plantar fascitis issues I've had in the past.

Any barefoot proponents / opponents out there? I'm assuming I'll be doing this on a treadmill or someplace grassy without broken glass & other debris?

Until I start the Zola Budd running, he has me back to stretches, toe/calf raises, and a walk/jog exercise regimen (10 min only). I'm pleasantly surprised that I can start with the running already, even if it's only for up to 10 min at a time. That's 10 min more than I've run in over a year - yeeha!

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  1. Congrats on getting to the gym.

    I knowit's hard with work and kids.

    What I find that works for me is establishing a workout schedule and sticking to it. I also have a workout log ad it's really motivating to see all the days filled in as opposed to just blank entries.

    How exciting that your PT has you starting to run. My PT is going to put me on the treadmill next week to test out my ankle. I'm excited and nervous about it.