Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok so I'm a dork.

Blogs by running moms, career moms, career running moms, blah blah are everywhere.

Pressing on...


  1. Hi there,
    Found your blog through

    I sort of fit your criteria.

    I'm female
    I'm 41 (yikes !)
    I'm a mom (kids are 13 and 10)
    I work outside my home
    I love to run (middle of the pack runner)
    And ya, I'm tired. Definitely tired.

    I searched for blogs of women my age as well and found a few but it seems most are of 20 year olds :)

    Good luck on your journey. I'll be watching.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I've been wondering if I should have had kids in my 20's when I had more energy! (Not really, my 20's were too much fun.)

    So tell me, does it get easier when the kids get older? I have these fantasies that as my sweetie gets older and a little more independent, I'll have more time to run or maybe he'll want to join me, or maybe I can help coach track/cross country at middle/high school (assuming I can get away from my job once in a while during mid-day practice times).
    What's next on your horizon?