Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Blast from the past - Mr. V.

An old co-worker/friend from my Michigan days was in town giving a seminar on remediation technologies so we got to meet up between his Seattle - Portland gigs for coffee and savory treats at the Macrina Bakery & Cafe. Mr. V. is the best kind of geek (my favorite compliment) - so fantastic to see him again!

And guess what? He is a recovering runner, too! He is nursing a foot injury right now (he ran into a door-hee hee! ) but hopefully will be able to hit the streets when the weather thaws out in MI.

We worked together back in 1997/1998. At that time, I was running a fair amount and was able to convince several people in the office to do a fun run with me. It was a first for Mr. V. and some others in the office. And apparently was indeed a FUN run because after that, Mr. V. just took off with his running and even completed the Columbus Marathon [he says he ran as a Clydesdale, >200# weight class]! Though, I think he said he wouldn't run that far ever again...

That's ok. The important thing is that running can be a great thing to introduce to friends. I've found that it also is a great way to break the ice with co-workers. It's nice to have something "safe" to talk about at work, or maybe nice to have something to trash talk/tease about at work :)

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